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Two sarcastic and mildly embittered film scholars analyze, appreciate, and excoriate important works of pop culture.

Laura (1944) - The Irreverent Cineastes Podcast Year Four

April 25th, 2019

This was part two of our “Movie Masculinity” episode, wherein we discuss the film Jon picked, the 1944 film noir classic Laura – famous for its amazing performances, excellent dialogue, and a plot twist that will still blow your mind 75 years later. In addition to emphasizing and analyzing all of those things, however, we also discuss how the character of Waldo Lydecker (played by the unforgettable Clifton Webb) has been a totemic figure for Jon throughout his life as a cautionary example of how NOT to treat people in general and women specifically. Particularly interesting for the present day is how reflective the film is of modern Incel culture, male fragility, patriarchal entitlement, and the awfulness of all three, thus showing these things were issues far before Twitter and Reddit came around. A great and personal discussion of an absolute masterpiece, and we hope you check it out! Explicit language (and horrendous singing).

Content Advisory: Film noir aesthetics, Jon singing Johnny Mercer (which may qualify as a hate crime in certain jurisdictions), Incels and their stupid terminology (“Chad?” Really?), Catastrophizing, knowing you’re in the friendship zone, toxic relationship dynamics, the failed crooning career of Vincent Price, assuming Vincent Price is your murderer, taking a punch like a punk, Hard McHardslab, “Hello Milady,” great policework, being the “Nice Guy,” and Breaking the Cycle.