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Ladyhawke (1985) - The Irreverent Cineastes Podcast Year Four

April 25th, 2019

So this is not really part of our “Axes-to-Grind” series, but more our reactionary “Pallet-cleanser” series, wherein we followed up watching Highlander and Prince of Rapists with an actual good movie that doesn’t get nearly enough respect: Ladyhawke, Richard Donner’s charming medieval fantasy film that is everything the last two films aren’t.  Specifically, it’s endlessly charming, extremely well-filmed, exceptionally well-cast, and expertly written and well-plotted. Also, in contrast to the other two films, its musical score is terrible. (Really, why couldn’t Michael Kamen have done THIS instead?)  We discuss these qualities, including going into the subtle use of plot details that pay off in the narrative, the incredible final sword-battle, and how it deftly handles the subjugation of women in a way that was progressive and ultimately empowering to its female lead.  They don’t make them this way anymore, and they should.  Explicit language.

Content Advisory:  Jon’s somehow failing to come up with the word “couple,” the creepiness and charisma of Rutger Hauer, the beauty of Michelle Pfeiffer, “God, get me out of this,” the power of shame, Matthew Broderick doing Cyrano, Harrison Ford’s diarrhea, Andrew losing his train of thought when thinking about Harrison Ford’s diarrhea, and the epic failure of the film’s musical score. Seriously, raise your hands if you miss the Alan Parsons Project.  Yeah, thought so.