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Bond. James Bond. - The Daniel Craig Era and Beyond - The Irreverent Cineastes Podcast - Year Three, Episode 6

July 31st, 2018

So while it was Jon and Andrew’s intention to cover the Daniel Craig era of Bond movies – which they did – this more or less became about the entire Bond series. And honestly, that’s because it was so much fun and fascinating talking about them and their place in both film history and our personal backgrounds. Besides talking about our favorites and least favorites, like Diana Rigg and Moonraker (respectively…repeat: RESPECTIVELY), we also speak about what has worked about the series for so long and what hasn’t, about its racism, sexism, and colonialism and its dramatic shifts in tone over the years.  We get into detail especially about the Craig movies and the triumphs of Casino Royale as one of the great film reboots and Skyfall as possibly the best film in the entire darned series – and how they especially served as deconstructions of Bond and his larger narrative formula. But…we also talk about the two failures – Quantum of Solace and especially Spectre – and why one was a misfire and the other a complete disaster. One of our best and funniest shows, honestly, and good evidence for Season 4 that we should probably do a little more talking about movie history when the opportunity arises.

Content Advisory: Lots of references to Bond’s sexism (and there’s lots of things to reference), Pussy Galore and the healing power of rape (see what I mean?), the racism of Live and Let Die and You Only Live Twice, lots of vocalizations of Bond songs, one random vocalization of The Saint’s love theme (yep…the Val Kilmer movie from the 90s. I’m honestly as shocked as you are that that came up), VILLAINY~!, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, how Andrew would take Pierce Brosnan in a fight, how anyone could take Pierce Brosnan in a fight, Pierce Brosnan being a “little bitch” (I really don’t think we liked Pierce Brosnan much), Daniel Craig and how he ranks on the “best Bond” scale, the importance of the Goldeneye video game, why Idris Elba shouldn’t be James Bond (without being racist), why no woman should be James Bond (without being sexist), Panamanian prostitutes, Bourne bad, bad directors, Umberto Eco, good girls, bad girls, and the stupidity of Jaws getting a girlfriend (the henchman, not the shark.  The shark would have probably been more entertaining.)